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A no-waste integrated desuphurization


A no waste integrated desulphurization is proposed using existing adsorbents, but adapting the technology and ensuring adequate regeneration. Application of the process is envisaged in biomass/organic waste/mixed waste treatment with a combination of gasification/smelting. Spent adsorbent can therefore be treated in a smelter and regarded as a base material or fuel. The project studies available absorbents with emphasis on regeneration in the laboratory, constructs a pilot unit for use in a bypass on an existing smelter and checks the performance of the test unit. Finally a design of a commercial ly sized unit will be made. In addition extension of the market to other areas will be looked into.


Holding van der Giesen BV
3281 LB Numansdorp

Participants (1)

Metallgiesserei Velmede GmbH
10,Wiemecker Feld
59909 Bestwig