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Development of recycling technology for chain lubricants in the beverage industry


Project's actual outcome:
-Economically advantageous filter technology developed;
- Prototype constructed an run;
- Chain lubricant found to suit recycling;
- <70% recycling of chain lubricants;
- Water recycling not investigated;
- Use in car wash industry investigated.
The project aims to develop and test recycling technologies for chain lubricants for the beverage industry. Chain lubricants are used to optimise friction and lubricate while ensuring the highest hygienic standard.
Increased environmental demands, and a lack of natural resources like fresh water, has made industrial recycling a priority.

Throughout the project research and developments will work in tandem to develop and test a newly developed recycling technology. This will involve development of a prototype and a comprehensive testprogramme to verify function and hygienic quality of the recycled chain lubricants.

At the present time no system exists to enable recycling of used chain lubricants. All used chain lubricants, some 15 000 metric tons used in Europe yearly, is discharged. The proposed technology is envisaged to enable up to 70% recycling of chain lubricants and of water.

It is estimated that on the European level this could mean yearly savings on transport, less use of chain lubricants and less demand of purification of waste water to an amount of at least 23 000 kECU.

There are other industrial applications outside the beverage industry for this technology.

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