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Contaminated Land Rehabilitation Network for Environmental Technologies


This proposal is an ambitious attempt to create an alliance of scientists (interdisciplinary), research planners, policy makers, problem holders, and major international initiatives in order to discuss and to develop an integrated approach for rational management of contaminated sites in the European Union.

The Concerted Action on Decision Tools for Rehabilitation of Contaminated Sites will provide a focus for assessment of the state of the environment and priorities for action, link risk assessment and selection of remediation methods and define scientific priorities for future research on remdediation of contaminated sites. It aims to stimulate co-ordinated R&D efforts on innovative remediation technologies within the European Union and the strengthen the scientific base for "sustainability" aspects. It will assist in the formulation of effective environmental management policies for contaminated sites, both to reduce the risk to health and the environment and to rehabilitate "brownfield sites".

The Concerted Action will provide a thematic network on interdisciplinary research, integrating societal, economic and natural scientific aspects. It will co-operate with major international initiatives (EEA Topic Centre Soil, NATO/CCMS, RACE), and will consider comparable research activities over-seas (United States, Canada, Australia).

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