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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Demonstrating the utility of sar differential interferometry for the assessment of seismic risk


The primary objective is to demonstrate the utility of ERS SAR differential interferometry for the assessment of earthquake risk in Greece. Secondary objectives are to integrate the infommation from interferometry with other new and existing infommation to demonstrate a) a Seismic Risk GIS for Greece and b) a Seismic Risk Web-Site for end-users.
Earthquakes are a major hazard and world-wide there are on average 1,000 deaths per year. In Greece, the cost of damage exceeded 1.2 billion USD in 1995. Assessment of seismic hazard is complex and more accurate spatial and temporal prediction is needed. The proposed partnership has demonstrated the technical feasibility of interferometry to map displacements associated with earthquakes and seen how beneficial use might be made of results. It is therefore timely to fully assess the utility of difSAR to those responsible for earthquake risk assessment - this is the primary objective of the proposal. To meet the objective, the work proposed must a), apply the technique over regions at risk and b), demonstrate the benefits of the results.
Test-sites in seismically-active regions of Greece have been selected for analysis using both archive and newly acquired ERS data. These areas experience secular tectonic displacement as measured by a variety of geodetic survey techniques and have ground cover suitable to the demands of interferometry. To aid the demonstration and test for the replacement of some ground-based monitoring networks by difSAR, radar comer reflectors will be used to validate movement and strain estimates.
Transfommed and integrated with other infommation, results will be used to demonstrate the utility of a Seismic Risk GIS for use by the Customer in their day to day work of monitoring and remediation planning. Derivations of the output will also be used to demonstrate a Seismic Risk Web-Site. Using latest intemet/mapping technology, such a graphical, spatial database will be remotely accessible and open to interrogation by a variety of interested markets, e.g tourism and insurance, who, it is planned, will both review the demonstration and benefit from exposure to EO.

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