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Content archived on 2024-04-16

High quality earthquake strong motion measurements for structural and seismic source studies


The purpose of the project is twofold: first, to obtain high quality broadband digital accelerometric recordings and second, to establish a common interpretation procedure for the analysis of complete ground acceleration waveforms. This will lead to the creation of a European data base of high quality strong motion records.

In order to achieve the above described objectives, the project will first need two types of accelerometric networks:
- Several networks of low sensitivity digital accelerometric stations will be installed and maintained in selected areas of high potential seismicity, where local earthquakes of magnitude greater than 4 could trigger the instruments.
- A mobile network of broadband, high dynamic, digital accelerometers consisting in about 10 instruments in total, will be purchased and be at the disposal of the participants, for detailed studies in areas which have a high potential for a significant earthquake in the near future (test sites).
Second, it will be necessary to harmonize the procedures for the routine analysis on a homogeneous accelerometric data set. This concerns the procedures for processing the raw accelerometric data, as well as the classification of accelerometeric waveforms using the artificial intelligence tool.
Third, a package will be implemented, which will constitute a common knowhow to be shared within the European scientific community, integrating different approaches of waveform interpretation, to retrieve structural and source properties and their influence on surface effects in order to mitigate seismic hazard. Among the theoretical tools which will be developped and used, a special emphasis will be given to: Array analysis, polarization analysis, pattern recognition of waveforms, analysis of the influence of the waveforms for the retrieval of the seismic rupturing process.


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