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Content archived on 2024-05-24

Development of an expert system to analyse/optimise the technical/economic feasibility or performance of hybrid large scale solar heating (lssh) systems (expert system lssh)


- Large Scale Solar Heating (LSSH) refers to the concept where thermal solar energy is integrated into district heating grids, typically combined with other energy forms (synergies);
- LSSH has been proven on approx 50 applications in some European countries, but is almost unknown in others. This, despite the competitiveness vis-a-vis conventional energy concepts;
- The development of a management tool shall allow for an integrative analysis of project feasibility (pre-evaluation) and the project s post-evaluation;
- The tool shall be in the form of an expert system. While this implies a high degree of complexity, the computer program shall be designed as a Windows application (user-friendly dialog level). Testing and calibration will ensure the soundness of the project result. Extensive dissemination of the expert system and of application results (validation) shall support growing LSSH application on n European level.
Urban Catalyst has demonstrated how temporary use is an important urban resource, which can play a strategic alternative in capital-oriented urban development concept soffering new models for action where traditional urban planning tools are inadequate. Case studies have demonstrated how, in a context of economic stagnation, the temporary use of abandoned sites based on low cost appropriation, non-monetary exchange, and program-matic experiment can generate new activities. The Urban Catalyst research partners have compiled an unprecedented archive of best practice projects and existing tools, which give valuable insights into stakeholder networks and offer new answers to the above questions. Most significantly the research shows how unconventional alliances between stakeholders can take place, and lead to mutual benefit. By providing profit-free space for temporary users, property owners can raise the profile of the property.

Throughout the research process this information and resource pool has been communicated to local stakeholders at workshops and conferences and is now accessible - an interactive website, which aims to become the key internet based platform for issues of temporary use for all stakeholders involved, offering background information, practical advice and specific services. Urban Catalyst has initiated and realised new projects and interventions with temporary users, site owners or developers, as well as effectively influenced already existing processes. In the derelict harbour area of Amsterdam Noord, the already existing positive experiences of temporary use helped to persuade a revision of the regional planning strategy. In Berlin, several projects were developed in partnership with the German Rail-ways in order to inject new life into derelict open spaces and buildings through the ini-tiation of temporary use programmes. In Naples, the development of strategic scenario planning and infrastructural tools helped to stimulate a more effective use of local resources. The programme ‘Einfach-Mehrfach’ initiated by the Vienna municipality shows that the temporary opening of building sites, school yards or buildings for intermediate uses can foster a more inclusive urban environment. In partnership with potential users, the Berlin team developed a proposal for a temporary use of the ‘Palace of the Republic’, the abandoned East German parliament building in the centre of Berlin. If the project will be realised temporary use could fulfil a symbolic role in helping to trigger a process of cultural re-appropriation of Germany’s most controversial building. Further information on issues related to temporary use and new tools is available on the new website and in a forthcoming book.

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