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The general aim of the project is to find solutions to the lack of appropriate education and training in the field of Sustainable Energy (SE) in order to fully integrate the SE into the energy systems, improving their performance, efficiency and acceptability.
This project responds to a present industrial and social demand in the EU. The international growing RE market require adequate professionals for a competitive EU industry.
This project aims to facilitate the implementation of EU policies on Environment, Energy, CO2 reduction and social cohesion. The project also aims to create a critical mass to make a positive impact on the present EU educational system and on the provisions of well trained professionals on SE. The presently high initial costs of the new education and training for the infant market of SE will be lowered as a result of this project: resources will be shared, thematics networks will be created... Several other social benefits will derived by this project. Local employment and economies profit by the increased training of the local professionals and the use of local resources for the local benefit. Acceptance of nearby new energy installations will be more common.

Description of the work:

The activities of the project by their nature are multidisciplinary and multisectoral. Innovative educational techniques such as multimedia, integrated multidisciplinarity, overall European approach, continuos education, combination of distant learning (Internet) and face to face will be used. The activities covered by this project will be basically centred in Renewable Energy. Other aspects of energy sustainability will also be introduced. In that way the necessary impetus to RE will be given in the direction towards sustainability.
The concrete actions can be described as follows.
1. Creating a network as an stimulating mechanism to introduce training and education on Sustainable Energy at EU universities.
2. Providing a directory of courses on SE in the EU
3. Transfer educational materials:
4. Building-up an European Sustainable Energy education curricula and linked university centres providing the education of it.
5. Assuring the necessary economic and administrative support to continue the main activities of the network after the EC initial economic support.

Expected Results and Exploitation plans:

The proposed Sustainable Energy educational framework would facilitate
* the common interpretation of the lack of appropriate education and training in SE
* the development of harmonised educational standards, procedures and methodologies for education and training in SE
* the exchange of experience in SE education and the transfer of knowledge in SE education
* providing inputs to the European research centres to provide the appropriate infrastructure for education and training in SE
* interaction among research centres, industry, public authorities (policy makers, legislative bodies, local energy agencies), social service providers/users to offer a comprehensive educational program that covers the real needs on SE.
The integration of SE education into regular engineering, environmental, economics and business education will provide a real basis for the application of standard practices to SE to reduce their costs and their impacts.

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