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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Euro trough ii - extension, test and qualification of a full scale loop of eurothrough collectors with direct steam generation


Based on the encouraging results of the EURO Trough I (JOR3CT980231), DISS I (JOR3CT950058 and DISS II (JOR3CT980277) projects, the major objective of the EURO Trough II proposal is to continue now with the construction, testing and qualification of the EURO Trough collector design in a full-scale loop and generate solar direct steam in parallel to the DISS collector loop at the Plataforma Solar de Almeria in Spain. This proposal within the EURO Trough cluster will be an important element to solving the problem of reducing the total cost of solar thermal electricity production to 0.08 Euro/kWh and below. While the EURO Trough I phase focused on the structural design and qualification of a single 12m long collector segment, the EURO Trough II aims at the qualification of a full collector loop up to 500m long as the missing step before commercialising the EURO Trough collectors in fields with hundreds of such loops.
ET150 low-cost parabolic trough design ready, drawings and specifications are available. - Collector prototype at PSA - Test-bed at PSA - Tracking controller prototype - Qualification and test programme complete - Test results evaluated - Case studies for two projects - EU- leadership in low cost parabolic trough design - New measurement systems for parabolic trough collectors available A53

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