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KAMP is to develop and test distributed teleservices for delivering multimedia training sessions in the sector of interactive multimedia publishing. Five universities will provide interactive modular training based on different courses, with support from case-study learning materials. The system will mainly address the individual needs of university students and staff and professional trainees working together in widely separated groups. Most aspects of multimedia products and services, including authoring and design, will be covered and, after validation and demonstration, project results will be marketed across Europe.

KAMP will develop and test distributed teleservices for delivering multimedia training sessions in the sector of Interactive Multimedia Publishing.

The system will be based on a network of universities delivering modular training which integrates material from different courses. The training delivered will be interactive and multimedia in form as well as content and supported by on-line case-study learning materials. The project will develop the necessary software and content material, validate and demonstrate the system.The end-users are staff, students and former students of the partner universities; and professional trainees, who will receive distant and flexible training through different combinations of course modules according to their experience and needs. KAMP is adapted to the needs of students and trainees studying at home and telematics will deliver courses to registered students irrespective of their geographic location.

System content will include taught modules, case study modules, production modules, and the resources required to perform learning activities (multimedia tools, media, data assets, etc). It will cover multimedia authoring and design, production and delivery, and markets and management and address trainees at postgradute level with professional experience. KAMP encourages collaborative working between student groups at widely separated locations.

KAMP's content derives from the European MA in Inreactive Multimedia developed by CITE, and the interactive learning materials developed by the IMSF. The delivery systems and tools development is led by SELISA. Results will be marketed to training establishments across Europe.

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