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An integrated training and support service network for professionals is the central concern of PRONET. The service will use telematics to help them keep up with developments in their field in order to remain competitive and capitalise on specific achievements. PRONET initially includes training programmes for professionals and scientists in telecommunications, environment and remote sensing, and biomedical engineering. The project will support facilities such as tutor-backed on-line multimedia training complemented and integrated by a service platform. This will offer a value-added network of interconnected service providers and linked access service points, as well as administration and distance learning capabilities.

The PRONET project involves the development and demonstration of an integrated training and support service network for professionals. This service will use Telematics (INTERNET and ISDN services) to support the basic needs of these professionals to seek out and follow advances in their field in order to remain competitive and capitalise on specific achievements in their area.

The initial focus of the project concentrates on three highly-competitive professional groups:

A. Telecommunications Engineers and Professionals,

B. Environmental Scientists and Remote Sensing Specialists,

C. Biomedical Engineers and Medical Physicists

Thus, in order to satisfy this basic need, PRONET supports the following functions:

- on-line multimedia computer based training services with tutoring support system,

- information database services, and

- inter-communication services facilitating information exchange between professionals.

These services are complemented and integrated by the PRONET service platform that provides:

- inter-networking of service providers with the creation of access service points (ASPs) and the connection of ASPs in order to form the PRONET value-added network,

- administration, accounting, and billing capabilities,

- - distance learning capabilities using a client-server model operating over the INTERNET and ISDN infrastructure, integrated with on-line tutoring support (video/audio conferencing, white-board technologies, email),

- special interest group (SIG) support capabilities using existing technologies and products (email, bulletin boards, conferencing, etc.),

- detailed specifications that facilitate the expansion of the service to support additional ASP nodes and material (training and information) from internal (consortium) or external providers, and

- specifications for the support of new professional groups.

The service will be demonstrated to over 300 professionals in all European Nations. The majority of these users will be located at the major validation sites in GREECE, SPAIN, ITALY, and the NETHERLANDS.

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