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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Multimedia Teacher Training Network


REM will develop a telematics service for joint teaching and learning about Europe by teachers and students, using networks and multimedia resources to facilitate their wider contact with foreign counterparts. The system will be piloted for trainee teachers, in-service teacher training and nursery staff. Support for project activities will include a distributed database of multimedia training materials, and tools to assist in processing the data, and its conversion into course material. Training and information material for in-service staff and their establishments will be developed, alongside plans for further promotion of activities. More than 900 teachers and students from 9 countries will participate in the project.

The project will provide a telematic system for collaborative teaching and learning across Europe. In particular it will allow teachers and students to work together to study and develop their teaching about Europe using a range of networks and multimedia resources.

The project will aim to provide opportunities modelled on EC programmes ERASMUS and COMENIUS which give students and teachers opportunities to gain experience from wider contact with their European counterparts. Through telematic technology we will a much wider access to European collaborative teaching and learning. The system will allow students to study in their homes or schools as well as in IHE's. For trial purposes the project will develop the system for teachers in training, teacher in service courses and the professional development of nursery staff. The project will be tested on 968 students and teachers in at least 9 EC member states.

To facilitate these activities we will

- create and maintain a distributed database of multimedia learning/training materials,

- develop technological tools which to sustain the depositing, organising and retrieval of the material in the database and its conversion into course material

- develop tools which will register and track learner progress

- seamlessly integrate these tools into a telematic learning environment across internet and local networks using text, graphic and video communication and video telephony

- develop training, guidance and marketing material for practitioners and their employing organisations

- develop plans to sustain and disseminate this activity.

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