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GUIDE provides practical support to projects to produce high quality, accessible documentation by means of a 'Guide to Project Documentation'; a World Wide Web version of the documentation guide which includes examples of best practice from projects; and a briefing document on the documentation guide. Bearing in mind the diversity of the projects, the Guide to Project Documentation is designed to be used in as flexible a manner as possible and is separated into 10 different sections for ease of reference. The interactive nature of the support service offered by GUIDE is an important factor in the exchange of ideas on best practice. Projects need to have access to personalised specialist advice when preparing project documentation, and GUIDE addresses this need by providing a telephone helpdesk and access to a panel of specialists. This creates a strong information base from which projects can develop their own strategy. Anyone involved in report writing and document editing can use the Documentation Guide to make informed decisions about defining report formats, media and delivery. By encouraging projects to adopt a documentation strategy, GUIDE helps them to establish a particular identity and a consistency of quality and presentation. Such planning saves time and also creates a position from which to create clear communication channels and develop an effective marketing strategy. In order to help project participants to organise and monitor their work, the Documentation Guide includes check lists and planners which may be useful when compiling a chronological list of the necessary output of reports and internal documentation.