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Development and validation of metabolic activation systems for mutagenicity testing not using vertrebrate animals


To isolate halotolerant/halophilic bacteria which are not only capable of growing in the relatively high osmolarity and temperatures of olive-mill waste but which also have specific biodegradative capacities.

A microbiological, biochemical and molecular genetical investigation of the adaptive mechanisms and biodegradation activities of the microorganisms involved will be performed. This basic information will be applied to the development of laboratory-scale and pilot-plant composting units incorporating microbial consortia with enhanced potential for detoxifying OMW. The physical and chemical properties of OMW composts will be determined and they will be evaluated in glasshouse and field trials for their safety and value as fertiliser.

In this unique combination of basic and applied approaches, the project draws together, for the first time, the expertise in OMW from all major mediterranean countries most involved in the olive oil industry, with specific complementary expertises in the physiology/biochemistry of halophilic and thermophilic bacteria in a balanced programme.

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