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An integrated approach to Mediterranean land degradation mapping and monitoring by remote sensing


The objectives are to develop and validate methodological
procedures for extracting vegetation and soil surface parameters
from remotely sensed data for monitoring changes and trends in
areas submitted to land degradation and to develop a GIS oriented
approch to erosion hazard modelling and mapping.

The work is based on the combined use of remote sensing data,
deriving from several kinds of airborne or satellites data, and
ground observations on 2 test sites: Ardeche test site (Southern
France) and Turis test site, near Valencia (Spain).

The field and laboratory measurements will focus, concerning
respectively vegetation and soil, on Leaf Area Index, optical
properties of leaves, ground checks concerning vegetation
mapping, water and chemical content and soil emissivities(box
method), soil temperatures (infrared radiometers), soil sample

Preprocessing and processing technics of remote sensing data will
be applied and developed concerning multitemporal data sets and
imaging spectrometry data.

Major research topic will be the detection and quantification of
low amounts of green or dry vegetation (estimation of percent
vegetation cover or LAI) and the characterization of soil surface
features. This will be done through analysis of spectral indices
in relation to vegetation and soil parameters.

Analysis of temporal changes and trends will be obtained from
different sources (remote sensing data, ancillary data, ground
measurements, ...) incorporated into a GIS database. The
hydrological role of vegetation will be simulated through a
computer model on water flows in soil-plant- atmosphere
continuum. Temporal changes maps and spatial dynamics simulations
will be carried out.

Finally, to produce an erosion hazard map, a distributed erosion
model will be developed in connection with the GIS database.

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