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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Deposition of ozone and nitrogen dioxide to european forest


The objective of this multidisciplinary project is to obtain reliable values for the deposition velocity of O3 and NO2 to European forests.

Only very few data on the dry deposition velocity of ozone over forest are available. For NO2 the situation is even worse - hardly any measurements over forest are reported. There is need for a generalized framework to interpret experimental data in order to generalize and derive deposition loads to regions. Specific tasks of this project will be: 1) to derive parameters such as flux-profile functions describing turbulent exchange of trace gases over different forests, 2) assess the influence of stand architecture and ecosystem type, 3) study the effect of atmospheric chemical reactions, 4) obtain a continuous record of O3 deposition fluxes to forests, and 5) study gas exchange processes taking place in the canopy. In this way generalisation of measurements carried out at one location can be based on understanding of relevant processes.

Other tasks will be as follows: 1) continuous measurement of O3 deposition to coniferous forest, 2) experimental study of flux-profile functions for trace gases over forest, 3) short-term, intensive, campaign studies measuring NOX and O3 fluxes in different forests: coniferous and deciduous, 4) modelling of trace gas exchange in forests, and 5) 3D model calculations. The comparison of results from different forests is an important aspect of this project. Therefore relevant equipment from the groups involved will be evaluated in a joint experiment. The results of measurements and model calculations will be interpreted jointly by all principal investigators. These results will be used to assess the influence of forests on O3 budgets over reactions in Europe by 3D model calculations.

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