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The effect of dust explosion pressures on industrial plant, buildings work areas, public places and environment


This project will investigate the effect of Dust Explosion pressures on industrial plant, buildings work areas, public areas and environment.

Widespread concern has been expressed by industry and regulatory authorities at the problems associated with, and the high industrial cost of, dust explosions. Because of the unsatisfactory state of knowledge on dust explosion technology and the means of controlling and eliminating hazard from this source, European industry and research institutes, under the aegis of the International Explosion Liaison Group have produced co-ordinated research programmes, involving all interested industrial and research bodies.

The overall objectives is to produce quantitative information that can be used to protect nearby structures, people and the environment from the consequences of a vented dust explosion, i.e. flame, pressure waves, noxious combustion products and unburnt powder.

This will be achieved by :

* characterising dust clouds in full scale industrial plants;

* measuring the flame spread through dust clouds in industrial plants;

* determining the types of powder and industrial conditions with which combustion is likely to begin and the design of plant operations to control the combustion;

* modelling the pressure blast effects and fireball sizes from vented dust explosions;

* determine the structural characteristic (e.g. response to dynamic loads) for the "target" structures;

* subjecting the "target" structures to pressure waves from vented dust explosions of varying severity and measure their response to the pressures;

* developing and validating computer model codes to estimate response of buildings and structures to vented explosion pressures;

* producing guidance on the design and locations of buildings that may experience pressures from vented dust explosions.

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