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To develop and apply higher resolution limited area climate
models embedded in coarser global models, in order to provide
increased accuracy of regional and local simulations of climate
and climate change.

The work will concentrate on the development and testing of
nested high resolution limited area models (LAMs) and the testing
of their skill in reproducing the present climate.

A series of LAM simulations with "perfect" boundary conditions
(from analyses of observed data) will be carried out. The
simulations will be validated against observed data using a
number of standard and non--standard techniques. Experiments
will be carried out with different parametrization schemes for
the modelled physics, different treatments of the lateral
boundaries, and different spatial resolutions. These experiments
will give upper bounds for the accuracy to be expected for
applications of the models in a climate change context.

Two of the LAMs will be used to used to "regionalize" climate
simulations from atmospheric models (AGCM's at NCAR and at MPIM).
The lateral boundaries will be taken from outputs of these AGCM's
covering 10--20 years. The models are forced by prescribed
(analysed) sea--surface temperatures (SSTs) and sea--ice fields.
The simulations(both from the LAMs and the AGCMs) will be
validated against observations and analyses for the period in
question, and with climatology.

A special study will investigate whether ocean SST
(in casu the Atlantic SST's off the Portuguese coast)
can be simulated realistically using an ocean limited area model

Very high resolution climate simulations will be investigated by
two specific studies. The first will use a statistical dynamical
methodology to give very high resolution of the climate of the
(greater) Alpine area. The methodology combines the use of a
mesoscale dynamical model with a statistical classification
scheme for the large scale flow regime. The second high
resolution study is concentrating on the Iberian peninsula, and
will investigate the further nesting into a (already nested) LAM
of a higher resolution model.

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