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Real-time prediction model of exceptionally intense precipitation in the Western Mediterranean area


The main objective in this project is the study of the
repercussion of climatic changes on extreme precipitation.

The project will include assessment of climatological tendencies
in extreme values of precipitation, modelling at regional and
local scales of the spatio-temporal distribution of rainfall rate
in the area, determination of empirical relationship between
raindrop size distribution and instantaneous rainfall rate for
intense convective precipitation, application of raindrop size
distribution modelling to improve the rainfall rate determination
from weather radar, development of convective raincell model for
the Western Mediterranean Area, and application of models of
global warming to research into the relation between
precipitation and runoff.

The first step of this project consists in modelling the spatial
and temporal distribution of instantaneous rainfall rate observed
in the area. In addition, a classification of the rainfall
events in Barcelona according to the type of raindrop size
distribution will be carried out. For this purpose an adequate
disdrometer will be used. This instrument measures the diameter
and terminal velocity of raindrops by means of the attenuation of
a narrow infrared beam.

In order to classify the different
events of convective precipitation in the Western Mediterranean
Area, a C-band weather radar and a mesoscale raingauge network
will be used. The probable maximum precipitation (PMP) for
different areas will be determined from maximum rainfall rate
data observed using a statistical and deterministic method. In
order to assess the effect of a global warming in the
hydrological cycle, the study of temperature, precipitation and
runoff data applied to a river basin (the Llobregat's river) will
be undertaken.

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