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REAP : research into environmental attitudes and perceptions in five EC countries


To develop a standard questionnaire on environmental attitudes, perceptions and reported behaviour which can be applied as a module in social surveys across EC countries. The module is then implemented in five countries (U.K. , Germany, Ireland , Italy and the Netherlands ) in order to analyse the perception of environmental problems in these countries.

REAP is an empirical study on the perception of environmental problems, knowledge and reported behaviour which clarifies the extent to which culture, religion and history explain human beings' use and abuse of the environment and nature. Opinions about different policy strategies in the area of environmental politics are measured. Underlying attitudes and behaviour towards the environment are investigated together with the major factors affecting the development, persistence and change of these attitudes.

REAP is based on a series of multinational studies started in 1985 and now available in 20 countries world wide. REAP is integrated into the 1993 International Social Survey Programme (ISSP). The ISSP part also concentrates on attitudes at a more general level, while in addition REAP concentrates on specific attitudes and reported behaviour relevant to EC countries. Among these are the use of energy, private travel and household waste.

The project consists of the following steps :

i) the development of the standard questionnaire module ;

ii) the module is implemented as part of existing larger general purpose social surveys in Great Britain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and the Netherlands ;

iii) the national data sets are combined into one merged data set. The merged data set serves as the intercultural data base for the final statistical analyses and reports. It is to be made available to all interested parties through the social science archive network.

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