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High-resolution imaging of 3D strain in seismic and volcanic regions using differential sar interferometry


The development of a method to map small deformations of the
ground down to the centimeter level, using differential SAR

A method to map small deformations is being developed, using SAR
image triplets and interferograms. Four test sites have been
selected. The area of Bonn, the Phlegreians fields near Naples,
St. Etienne de Tinee near Nice, Mount Etna in Sicily.

ERS-1 SAR images will be processed in parallel, so that the
performance of different processor and different techniques of
interferometry and differential interferometry can be evaluated.

The corner reflectors will be fixed at selected positions and
will stay there for the whole period of the study. They will be
orientated towards the ERS-1-look direction. They will be used
to estimate the amplitude of the effects, which in practice limit
the accuracy of the technique. These effects are the loss of
coherence of the scatterers and the effects of meteorological

All positions of point targets will be measured very precisely in
3 dimensions as a function of time with geodetic accuracy making
use of GPS receivers. In addition existing geodetic data,
geophysical, geological and meteorological data will be collected
for all studied site and digitized to allow direct comparison
with SAR products.

Finally the stability of the SAR system parameters will be
analyzed and the quality of the results achieved including the
negative ones as well, will be discussed.

The products availaible in the end of the work will be: All
images processed on the test sites during the work. Film
products associated with the images processed. Geometric
distorsion maps between images. Plots of the noise assessment in
the images. Coherence images. Small elevation changes maps
derived from interferograms and geodetic measurements.

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