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A novel catalytic route for the removal of nox: the direct decomposition of nitric oxide


The main objective of the proposed project is to develop a new catalytic route for the clean-up of the noxious NOx emissions, more specifically a powerful catalyst for the direct decomposition of NO. The ultimate objective beyond the scope of this project is to develop a cheaper process, more efficient, easier to operate, less prone to accidental NH3 slip, than the current DeNOx processes.

The general technical approach includes the following main research tasks:

* Catalyst preparation and characterization of fresh and tested catalysts, including synthesis of potentially interesting catalysts and optimization of the design of the promising candidates.

* First catalytic screening in a micro-reactor to assess the initial performance and to adjust the preparation methods and to determine the optimum scope of operating conditions.

* Scale-up of the promising catalysts, including a study of the interaction with the support and binder, the formulation and shape, the distribution of the active phases in order to better assess the critical parameters for the scale-up of the lab preparation methods, and including a bench scale performance testing, in order to test the catalyst activity and selectivity under prolonged operation.

* Preliminary technical and economical feasibility study in order to compare the new catalytic route of direct decomposition vs the existing SCR DeNOx technology.


Solvay Deutschland GmbH
Hans-böckler-allee 20
30173 Hannover

Participants (2)

Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas
Stadiou 18, Platani
26500 Patras
2/10,Place Croix Du Sud 2/10
1348 Louvain-la-neuve