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Evaluation and improvement of mathematical models of pesticide mobility in soils and assessment of their potential to predict contamination of water systems


To produce comparative environmental data sets detailing the fate and behaviour of pesticides in soil and water systems, identify the most applicable models of pesticide fate and their data requirements at different scales and to develop an integrated modelling system for research and advisory purposes.

1. Evaluation of existing data, primarily from experiments completed during the past 4 to 5 years and having used modern analytical techniques. Both data from small scale columns, lysimeter and small plot field experiments, as well as from large plot field experiments and those involving crop rotation over several seasons will be analysed.

2. Evaluation of existing models will include the assessment of the input/output requirements, the stability and robustness of the models, and their sensivity to changes in input parameters. It will be completed by a direct comparison of the forecasting abilities of the different models against experimental data sets.

3. Experimental programme: A detailed assessment will be made of the types of result expected from the existing experiments the project is associated with. Minimum data requirements will be defined and suggestions will be made for improvement in data generation and collection.

4. Further development of research models. Currently available models wil be analyzed and broken down (logically and operationally) into smaller modules that carry out individual process simulations. This will permit modules from various sources and with different levels of complexicity to be compared in an improved, modular simulation program. Certain new or modified modules may be required to allow for processes such as plant uptake, adsorption/desorption hysteresis, and possible by-pass or preferential flow pathways.

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