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The destruction of environmentally offensive waste halocarbons using sodium metal


To develop a reaction between various halocarbons and metallic sodium. It is anticipated that this would result in the total destruction of the halocarbon by an environmentally acceptable route to give a product which is benign, with depleted ozone potential and with economic value.

Preliminary experiments have indicated that it might be possible to carry out controlled reactions between the stable halocarbons and a highly reactive metal, such as sodium. The expected products would be carbon and various sodium halides.

The project will involve the detailed study of the basic reaction kinetics by two routes :

1. The reaction of the CFC's with molten sodium in an inert atmosphere

2. The comparison of the above route with the destruction of CFC's with sodium dispersions

The reaction chemistry of both routes would be modelled and the reactions tested on the laboratory scale with a variety of halocarbons. It is anticipated that an outline design of a fully integrated process route will result from this project.

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