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Aerosol climate parameters over the Mediterranean area from joint ground and satellite data


To contribute to the quantification of aerosol climate forcing in
the Mediterranean area, and to improve methods for the monitoring
of aerosol parameters from satellite observations.

Ground measurements will be performed at two sites on Sardinia.
Measurements of direct solar irradiance will be taken at selected
wavelengths in the visible and near infrared spectra by using a
multiwavelength sun-photometer, models Uvisir and Asp-15WL,
designed at the Fisbat Institute. This instrument is equipped
with 15 interference filters with narrow half-bandwidths,
distributed in the spectral range between 0.32 and 1.04 µm.
The global and diffuse solar radiation measurements will be taken
with the Kipp and Zonen solarimeters, models CM-11 and CM-12.

Measurements of the sky intensity will be taken in the solar
aureole region, with the auto-tracking aureolemeter model Finetec
Pom-1. This instrument operates at seven wavelengths, from 0.369
to 1.048 µm, in single mode and in serial mode. Sampling
of atmospheric aerosol will be taken by cascade impactors in the
size range from 0.06 mm up to 16 mm aerodynamic diameter, for
short term periods of 1 hour and for long term periods of 6

Studies of remote sensing data will include analyses of
AVHRR-2, Thematic Mapper, and Meteosat data.
The in situ measurements of the
atmospheric aerosol characteristics and advanced radiative
transfer models will be used to improve the
algoritms for the retrieval atmospheric aerosols and their
radiative effects.

Following the optimization of the aerosol retrieval procedures,
maps of atmospheric turbidity will be produced for the
Mediterranean area. Both the temporal and spatial characteristics
will be analysed.

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