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Vulnerability of buried pipelines under seismic loading


To provide guidelines for the seismic protection of existing
buried pipeline systems and for the design of new buried pipeline

It's aim is the calibration of the numerical model with the
controlled experimental results, on the behaviour of buried
pipelines under seismic loads due to wave propagation effects and
on specific types of pipe segments-joints and soil conditions.
Due to the uncertainties of the problem, a vulnerability based
model will be developed that will assess the vulnerability of
buried pipelines.

The steps of the proposed methodology are as follows: Collection
of data from Public organisations and data evaluation based on
literature and qualitative criteria. Implementation of
analytical and numerical methods for the quantification of the
soil deformations. Axial and flexural tests, material tests and
interval pressure tests will be performed. The horizontal
soil-pipe interaction and the transversal soil--pipe interaction
effects will be modelled. Using the methodology developed in the
project, several case studies will be performed to assess the
vulnerability of real scale soil--pipe systems.

The main deliverables of this research will be the software code
for the numerical investigation of the behaviour of the pipe
systems and the recommended design practices for the
vulnerability assessment of existing and new buried pipeline
systems using the software developed in this project.

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