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Content archived on 2024-04-19

European laboratory volcanoes: teide. definition of the fine structure and plumbing system aimed at eruption prediction, hazard assessment and eruptive mechanisms understanding


The main objectives of this project are to determine with the
maximum possible accuracy the internal structure, the evolution
and present state of the Teide eruptive system. Particularly, we
intend to ascertain sources of magmatic generation, magmatic
cycles and eruptive rates, depth and shape of the magmatic
chambers, and the plumbing system, morpho-structural dynamics of
the Central Volcano of Tenerife including the offshore part of
the volcano, the main eruptive mechanisms of the recent volcanic
activity in the Teide area and consequent evaluation of hazards
and risks, and the baselines of the physical parameters that
should be known to evaluate the precursory phenomena of a
forthcoming eruption.

Acquisition-interpretation and correlation-integration of the
data obtained with the following techniques: Geophysical and
Geodetic: Geoelectric (Self-Potential), Magnetism (aerial,
terrestrial and marine data), Seismology (microseismicity and
recording of marine shots using portable arrays and broadband
stations), Gravimetry (microgravimetric and marine surveys), etc.

Geological and Petrological techniques: Processing of aerial
photos and Landsat images, Chemical and Isotopic analyses,
Radiometric dating, etc.

Fluid Geochemistry: Isotopic and chemical analyses.

The main results of this project are expected to be:

Integration of all the data and the results achieved in a
Geographical Information System with the aim of facilitating the
exchange of information between the different groups
(Authorities, technicians, volcanologists, etc.) related to the
study , surveillance, forecasting, prevention and control of
volcanic eruptions in the Canary Islands.

Physical, mathematical and analogue models that should assist in
the understanding of the eruptive processes that have occurred
and could take place in Teide type volcanoes. Design of volcanic
surveillance systems. Formulation of forecasting and decision

Assessment of human and environmental effects of the expected
eruptions. Formulation of educational programs and procedures
for Civil Defense. A new data acquisition system and a portable
seismic array specially adapted for volcnaic surveillance.

Monumentation of a gravimetric network. Installation of bases
for the quick spread of seismic and geodetic networks.

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