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Content archived on 2024-04-19

The management of the consequences of climatic change: extreme sea surge and runoff events


To develop practical guidelines for hazard management for runoff
and sea flooding.

The need is to match the package of intervention stratagies to
the local risk. Therefore, one strand of the study is to develop
a typology of flood hazards as these affect both the
vulnerability of the population at risk and effectiveness of the
different intervention strategies.

A second strand is to evaluate the effectiveness of the
alternative intervention strategies and to identify current
weaknesses in those strategies. For example, in spite of the
large investments which have been made in improving flood
forecasting, there have been significant problems in turning
these forecasts into flood warnings through effective
dissemination. The intervention strategies being considered
include flood warnings and evacuation, landuse controls, economic
instruments and post-flood relief.

The adoption of the principles of sustainable development require
that the selection of an appropriate portfolio of intervention
strategies in a particular instance shall not be determined
solely upon a narrow economic efficiency criterion. GIS's are to
be assessed as an aid to enabling improved public participation.
Similarly, public preferences and values for the environment, and
particularly for risk in-environment tradeoffs, will be explored
through social surveys including Contingent Valuation in order to
develop improved decision criteria.

Decision making requires information, and regional scale economic
models and simple models to assess the potential losses from
storm runoff events are being developed.

Both computer models require a more generalised approach than the
present data intensive economic models developed to assess the
effectiveness of alterative intervention strategies.

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