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Content archived on 2024-04-19

European stress physiology and climate experiment : Project 1 - Wheat


To evaluate growth and yield responses of spring wheat to
increasing concentrations of CO2 and changes in the physical
climate and other environmental stresses, e.g. tropospheric
O3, for subsequent improvement and validation of wheat growth
simulation models.

Based on existing networks in which plant-environment responses
have been studied in open-top chambers (OTC's), CO2 effects on
spring wheat growth and yield are investigated by means of OTC's
at different sites located in eight European countries, thus
covering a broad range of European climatic conditions. Part of
the experiments comprise studies of joint effects of CO2 and
O3 and interactions of CO2 with other stresses, e.g.
increased temperatures, different nutrient and/or water supply.

With respect to modelling requirements during the experiments
climatic/microclimatic conditions (e.g. temperatures, solar
radiation, humidity), crop development (e.g. emergence, leaf
development, tillering, anthesis) and a variety of plant
physiological processes and state variables (e.g. photosynthesis,
stomatal responses, water use, growth and yield) will be recorded
and analysed.

Experimental data will serve for modelling objectives, which will
be addressed mainly by two groups. Different process-based
models of wheat growth and development will be compared and
developed, focussing on SUCROS (developed in the Netherlands) and
AFRC-wheat (developed in the UK).

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