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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Earthquake protection for historic town centres


The purpose of the project is to assess the effectiveness of
alternative strengthening methods for the buildings in historic
city centres of European towns and cities.

The principal activities of the project are as follows:

Four case study sets of buildings will be selected in the
following cities which are: Lisbon, Rhodes City, Naples,
Carpineto Spinello (Abruzzo).

In the first three cases, the case study building sets will
consist mainly of residential/commercial buildings, chosen to be
representative of the historically important and earthquake
vulnerable building stock of the city. In all cases, a method of
collection of the data will be agreed by the participants. A
vulnerability analysis and a comparative study of alternative
vulnerability methods will be undertaken. For each case study
location, a geographical database will be built.

Each participant will identify the principal retrofit
strengthening techniques in use, in their own area. Data on
earthquake damage to masonry buildings and historic town centres
will be assembled (in particular to previously strengthened
buildings). Vulnerability methodologies will be developed so
that they can evaluate the effect on vulnerability of the key
retrofit techniques identified above.

For each case study a proposed strategy for cost-effective
strengthening will be proposed, and presented to a local meeting.

The main deliverables of this research project will be: A
comparative analysis of vulnerability methods for old buildings
in historic city centres presently in use and new methods of
vulnerability assessment applicable to strengthened masonry
buildings, as well as, associated computer programmes. A
compilation of data on earthquake damage to strengthened
historical buildings and on retrofit strengthening techniques in
use or available for use in historic European city centres.

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