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Sociological enquiry into the conditions required for the success of the supporting environmental measures within the reform of the common agricultural policy


To understand what problems may arise when the measures to reduce the deterioration of the quality of the environment due to intensive agriculture made under Directive No. 2078/92 are implemented. In particular the socioeconomic aspects with regard to the attitude of social groups towards the environmental aims of the European Community are considered by a multidisciplinary and supranational research project.

The research project seeks to :

i) analyze and evaluate the integration of environmental aims into agricultural policy, using the supporting environmental measures as an example;

ii) determine the attitudes of the agricultural population toward the aims of environmental protection ;

iii) investigate the socioeconomic framing conditions, which affect the implementation of the measure.

The research project consists of two main parts :

i) an evaluation of the social aspects of selected environmental measures, determining the attitudes in the relevant social groups toward environmental objectives through a sociological survey. In order to deal adequately with the different structural conditions in the agriculture of the European Community, the analysis and evaluation of environmental aims in the agricultural sector are carried out in three national case studies (France, Portugal and Germany).
The social aspects are evaluated using the methods of behaviour research.

ii) The results of Step i) are combined and evaluated. The parameters which affect the implementation of common environment related measures are identified. In particular at what administrative technical level the measures are implemented and where possible obstacles to the successful implementation of the measure lie. On the basis of that proposals and recommendations are made for the integration of environmental aims by the support of EC policy measures.

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