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The Incorporation of the Environmental Dimension in Freight Transport Policy - a Comparison of 6 countries and the EU


The study examines the scope for and the barriers to sustainability in the freight transport sector.

The study seeks to address the following issues:

i) to establish how environmental considerations may be incorporated into the working of the freight transport sector in a practical sense;

ii) to identify the options and instruments for incorporation through a comparative international analysis;

iii) to compare the operation of institutional, procedural, taxation, infrastructure, liberalisation and like policy issues in the working of environmental policies.

Through case studies based upon Italian, Swiss, German, Dutch, Danish, British and EU practice, the project aims to provide:

i) state of the art national reports. The approach to and the nature of the incorporation of environmental effects is compared in policy fields such as taxation, infrastructure policies and railway policies. Transport related environmental targets and their implementation are analyzed and internal procedures and organisational links between the Environment and the Transport ministries are described and evaluated in an internationally comparative framework;

ii) hypotheses about the variables most likely to explain the extent of the incorporation of environmental effects are tested in relation to their impact on transport policies;

iii) for a number of examples which illustrate the effect of taxation and infrastructure policies, the decision-making process is reconstructed to illustrate the dynamics of incorporation.

The aim is to characterise the strategic requirements for a policy which would improve the incorporation of environmental effects in freight transport planning, at both national and EU levels.

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