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Optimizing Climate Protection Strategies of Local Authorities in Europe


To evaluate the role of local authorities in climate protection and to take stock of local strategies and policies, optimizing them with respect to the issues of practicality, cost-effectiveness and the various economic, social and cultural implications. To elaborate practical guidelines for local authorities concerning the implementation of CO2 reduction measures, with special emphasis on financial and regulatory instruments and partnership schemes aimed at fostering energy efficiency.

The project consists of the following components :

i) A data collection and review of municipal CO2 reduction measures based on a common evaluation scheme and their national framework conditions (legal, political, social and cultural) in Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Austria. The administrative structures, cooperative schemes (i.e. with energy utilities, contractors etc.) and existing bottlenecks of several towns and cities in the participating countries are examined in detail.

ii) The project brings together the different results gathered in the mentioned country studies in order to be able to distinguish between specific and general bottlenecks, to evaluate whether innovative measures are transferable from one country to the other, and to develop a generalized catalogue of measures and assessment criteria (in particular the cost efficiency, socio-cultural, structural and economic requirements for CO2 reduction).

iii) An array of measures is developed covering effective sets of instruments in the different sectors (electricity, heat, etc.) with respect to the various actors (administrations, utilities, etc.) as well as providing models of finance and organisation, in particular public-private partnership cooperation schemes.

Beside providing an increased understanding of the role of local authorities in the protection of the global environment, the study will result in a practice oriented climate protection manual for European local authorities.

Funding Scheme

CSC - Cost-sharing contracts


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