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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Experimental manipulation of forest ecosystems in Europe


The aim of the project is to quantify, and increase the understanding of the biogeochemical cycling of elements, hydrology and biomass turnover in forest ecosystems under a range of ambient and imposed environmental conditions.

The scientific approach consists of performing comparable experimental manipulations of the biogeochemical cycles and hydrology of forest ecosystems under a wide range of soil conditions and atmospheric and ecological conditions, and thereby to advance knowledge of human impacts on basic ecosystem functioning and dynamics. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the scientific basis required for the refinement of EC policy on atmospheric quality and the legislation which will emanate from that policy.

Atmospheric loadings vary between sites due to a variation in pollution impact and marine influence. In addition, manipulative treatments are imposed to provide irrigation, induce drought and to modify prevailing atmospheric inputs. Changes in ecosystem hydrology are studied intensively by field experimental creation of summer drought periods by roof cover in forests. The response of forest ecosystems to drought is important both in relation to climate change impacts and to changes in the carbon and nitrogen cycles, so particular attention is paid to turnover of organic matter and soil acidification. Due to the background of the participating scientists, special emphasis is placed on soil conditions. A secondary goal is to improve the understanding of forest nutrition and the use of fertilisers in management practice.

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