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Interlaboratory standardisation and validation of DNA adducts postlabelling methods for human biomarker studies


The main objective of this project is to standardise the available assay protocols, and to identify the various methodological problems, thus providing guidelines for the use of 32P-postlabelling in detecting carcinogen-DNA adducts so that this procedure can be rationally applied for monitoring human exposure to environmental carcinogens.

Through a series of collaborative studies and brain-storming sessions the project will enable :

1) to provide users of postlabelling methods in various fields with standardized protocols;

2) to improve the methods of identification of individuals in cancer epidemiology who, due to their increased exposure to carcinogens or due to their inherited susceptibility, are at increased risk of developing cancer;

3) to assess the effectiveness of measures to reduce exposure to carcinogens in the work place and

4) to determine the extent to which the use of biomarkers such as DNA adducts are quantitative indicators of cancer risk in humans.

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