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Contribution to the reduction of debris flow damage, with the analysis of triggering factors, initiation, propagation and deposition phenomena, in the alpine region


To settle a typology of debris flows, taking into account the
characteristics of the catchments, and to suggest recommandations
about a debris flow damage reduction programme.

The research work concentrates on field investigations with back
analyses procedures in France, Italy and Switzerland and research
works concerning the triggering factors of debris flows and the
development of the process itself : initiation, propagation and
deposition phenomena.

Comprehensive back analyses of several debris flows events will
be performed in the central, western and southern Alps, including
a characterization of the climatic events, a morphometric and
geomorphological description of the catchments, an analysis of
the superficial deposits and the slide-prone areas. Specific
attention concerning hydrometeorological conditions will be given
and rainfall radar data will be used in order to characterize
storm events over debris flow prone catchments. In some cases,
detailed analyses of test areas in instrumented catchments will
be performed.

Moreover, numerical modelling of the initiation of debris flows
via landsliding will be performed, considering the various
triggering factors and the processes linked to saturation of
soils and pore water pressure increase. Physical and numerical
modelling of the propagation and deposition of debris flows will
be performed, taking into account the rheological behaviour of
the channelized material (monophasic systems for argillaceous
debris flows and biphasic systems for granular or non cohesive
debris flows will be clearly distinguished). A specific
attention will be paid to debris flow dynamics, focusing the
propagation of shock fronts and the impact on structures.

The comparison of all these data will allow to underline the
hydrometeorological triggering factors and the main significant
critical factors related to the debris flow prone catchments, as
well as to understand the channelizing processes, the dynamic
impact of debris flows on structures and the extension of the
deposition areas of lobes or sheets of debris. Then, by
reference to a typology of debris flows, considering the general
characteristics of a catchment and the extension of the
endangered areas, recommandations about a debris flow damage
reduction programme will be suggested.

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