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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Physical Interactions between Atmosphere, Oceans and Sea-Ice


To identify deficiencies in coupled climate models, which
contribute to regional "climate drifts". To develop improved
parameterizations for sea-ice and for physical interactions
between atmosphere and oceans and test these against regional
data. To test the global and regional impacts of model
improvements on global simulations.

Budget studies at high latitude will be performed, using coupled
atmosphere-ocean-ice models. The representation of ice and snow
cover will be analysed. It will be attempted to separate
thermodynamic contributions to the drift problem from the
contribution of ocean dynamics. Similar budget studies will be
performed for ice-free regions of the oceans with nested coupled
models (1-D and 3-D).

Special attention will be paid to the
impact of errors in sub-grid parameterizations and cloud
representation on the interaction between atmosphere and ocean.

In connection with the above budget studies improved
parameterizations will be developed and tested in particular for
sea-ice and further for horizontal diffusion in relation to
horizontal resolution, for vertical transport by boundary-layer
turbulence and by (deep) convection in atmosphere and oceans and
for radiative fluxes and other vertical fluxes at the air-sea
interface (including the role of clouds an precipitation).

Results from the studies will be exchanged between the
participants and compared. Improved parameterizations will be
implemented and tested in global models as a joint effort.

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