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Processes underlying the remediation of creosote contaminated groundwater in fractured sandstone


The overall goal is to understand the fundamental physical and biochemical processes involved in the remediation of creosote contaminated groundwater in fractured sandstones.

The following research tasks will be carried out during the project:

(1) Determination of the rate and extent of which the rock can be flushed, or degrading agents delivered to all contaminated zones. Hydrogeological characterisation and numerical modelling of the field site will be used.
(2) Assessment of the extent of natural attenuation (degradation, sorption and dilution), by characterising the contaminant plume in the field, and conducting laboratory experiments.
(3) Assessment of the scope for degradation of the contaminants, chemically or biologically, based on laboratory experiments.
(4) Determination of the interactions between contaminants and rock, by geochemical characterisation of cores from the field site and laboratory study.
(5) Review and assessment of the viability of remedial technologies, using the knowledge of the fundamental processes developed during the project, and numerical simulations.

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