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Content archived on 2024-04-19

Dispersion studies of high pressure jets impacting on to flat plates


To provide data on impeded releases at both large scale and in a windtunnel of impeded gas releases.

Natural gas is transported at high pressure throughout the European Community and much experimental and modelling work has been undertaken to enable assessments to be made of the consequences of an accidental release of gas. One potential consequence of a loss of containment is the release of pressurised gas into a confined environment. Whereas there is extensive data available on the dispersion of free jet releases, there is little experimental workor modelling available to assist in characterising an unignited impeded release. An impeded release, particularly on toa flat surface, will result in a flammable cloud quickly spreading out along the impinged surface presenting a risk of ignition, leading to a fire or explosion. Releases in a confined environment present an even greater hazard.

Validation at both experimental scales will lead to confidence that the model predictions can be applied over the wide range of conditions and release sizes of practical interest.

The study will also improve the understanding of the physical mechanisms involved in impacting jet dispersion. The EU will benefit through the provision of validated predictive methods capable of providing realistic estimates of the dispersion of such gas escapes, and hence through the safer design and operation of industrial plant. The work proposed is also sufficiently fundamental to be of value to a number of other safety related problems.

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