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Recycling oriented strategies for the production of paper pulps and for paper manufacturers


To develop a recycling-oriented manufacturing process as an essential prerequisite for an increased recycling of waste paper by the paper industry.

The panned project will for the first time study the effects of processes and additives used in the manufacture of pulps and paper on the quality of the raw material "waste paper" in terms of recyclability, cleanliness, brightness and strength. In addition it will ascertain to what extent the value of the finished products can be influenced in these processes with a view to subsequent re-processing. Besides an assessment will be made of the increased contraries accumulation in secondary fibre based new papers which will inevitably be encountered as a consequence of intensified recycling. From the findings obtained, recommendations will be derived for a recycling-oriented pulp and paper manufacture with a view to positively influencing - at this early stage - the value of the finished products with regard to their subsequent recycling, and to avoiding influences that might turn out negative for the product and the environment.

The different demands to be met by the various graphic papers are already taken into account in the selection of pulps and in the paper manufacturing and finishing processes. Accordingly the recycling-relevant influences are highly different for the various qualities. Planning of the project studies will take these differences into account.

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