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Modélisation incendie et études de risques pour la valorisation de l'environnement


This project meets the requirements of the Ecc tender
concerning the Research and Development on the environment
(1991-1994) and more particularly paragraph 4.1.3 on forest
The MINERVE 2 project comprises three main Research and
Development lines which are as follows :
- a more thorough study of the knowledge gained from the
MINERVE 1 project on risk studies and experimental and
theoretical studies of a fire, its evolution, its heat
effects and its abatement ;
- an approach of operational needs by researching qualification methods of the fire retardants (efficiency, duration) and the effects of these products on the environment ;
- definition (specifications) of a data processing software
installed in a crisis centre and realization of a mock-up of this software.
These studies will be carried out jointly in five European
Community countries which have been particularly hit by forest fires, namely Spain, France, Greece, Italy and portugal. The project brings together partners of various origins with
complementary expertise in many fields : universities, Research and Development centres, state organizations, research centres working closely with operators and industry.
Furthermore, as in 1992 poland under went forest fires as
important as those in the community countries interested in the project, it has been proposed to associate with it, in the
frame of the scientific collaboration with Central and Eastern European countries, a partner from this country.

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