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Integrated mesoscale-hydrometeorological modelling for rainfall and flood forecasting.


The research aims to produce a simple, physically-based rainfall forecasting model capable of being coupled with catchments or urban scale hydrological models for the purpose of flood forecasting, and capable of being adaptive to the variety of storm types experienced across Europe. It is anticipated that this can be achieved by further developing an existing rainfall forecasting model and doing so through a case study methodology. Having already tried and tested the model with respect to storms crossing the United Kingdom, the focus in this project is to improve its competency with respect to heavy precipitation events in Mediterranean regions and where complex terrain strongly influences storm development. Catalonia, Spain, is the proposed location for the case study and the model will be subjected to a series of storms observed in the region in order to examine its behaviour and identify weaknesses in its forecasting. Improvements will be sought by maximising the information extracted from remotely sensed data and Numerical Weather Prediction Model forecasts of standard atmospheric variables. Upon being satisfied with changes made to the model, the case study will be completed by assessing the performance of the "final version" with a new set of storms from the same region. The proposed research is a natural progression from the work undertaken in the European Commission funded HYDROMET Project (Contract no: ENV4-CT96-0290), the aim of which was the development, of active on-line hydrological and meteorological models to minimise the impact of flooding.

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