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Assessment of grazing impact on desertification risk in mediterranean rangelands


GrazeMed will provide multiple benefits to fellows. In addition to being exposed to the past and on going research projects on the ecology and management of the Mediterranean rangelands of the MCTC, they will learn novel methods for estimating the grazing impact on rangelands by using modern ecological theory such as the fractal diversion, information dimension and developmental instability. They will also learn various software such as Visual Basic, Maple V, SPSS and SAS as well as image analysis. Moreover, they will get trained in vegetation sampling by using PSION, GPS and digital calliper. Finally, they will have the opportunity to learn remote sensing and GIS and use these techniques in analysing the structure of landscapes and producing thematic maps for management purposes. In the meantime they will interact with other graduate students while being supervised by experienced researchers and faculty members.

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