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Global satellite observation of greenhouse gas emissions (enivisat for environmental regulation of greenhouse gases)


The Kyoto Protocol, which the EU has recently ratified, calls for a quantitative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2010. However global emissions, sources and sinks, are not accurately known. EVERGREEN proposes to use the measurements of ENVISAT, a European Earth Observation satellite, to produce improved greenhouse gas emission inventories as an added value product of ENVISAT .A combination of measurement and (inverse) modelling will be employed to derive emission estimates. The feasibility and quality of the method will be assessed. Measurements include (partial) columns of C02, CH4, N2O, CO, 03, NO2 and H20. The focus will be on methane and carbon monoxide and on regional and seasonal variations. End-user involvement is arranged through participation of one coal industry and several national/European institutes, with responsibility for greenhouse gas issues.

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