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Information on sustainable development - education, economic instruments and indicators


The Charles University Environment Center was founded in 1992. Its main task is to coordinate activities in environmental teaching within the Charles University and to carry out environmental research. This proposal builds upon recent work by the Center to analyse, understand, assess and implement principles of sustainable development. The project duration is 3 years; its budget is 300450 Euro.
The project consists of 5 work packages:
WPl: Forum of university teachers and experts,
WP2:Social and cultural ecology - establishment of PhD studies,
WP3 : Economic instruments for environmental protection,
WP4 : Extended research programmes on indicators for sustainable development,
WP5:WSSD - dissemination of results and awareness raising. The objectives of the project will be achieved through different types of activity: research (WP3, WP4), conferences, coordination of research networks internationally, training for PhD. students etc. (WPl-WP5) .

Funding Scheme

ACM - Preparatory, accompanying and support measures


U. Krize 8
158 00 Praha 5