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Content archived on 2024-05-27

Floodplain biodiversity and restauration 2: integrated natural science and socio-economic approaches to catchment flow management


Problems to be solved
This proposal seeks to contribute to enhancement of the ecological quality of riparian ecosystems in Europe through the development of water allocation guidelines. It will achieve this by combining expertise in the natural and social sciences to investigate the flow needs of riparian species, floodplain vegetation impacts on water levels, and institutional structures for decision making in river basin flow management.
Scientific objectives and approach
The research involves four linked objectives:
Objective l: To develop scientific guidelines for the application of river flow prescriptions which benefit floodplain ecosystems while maintaining acceptable levels of flood control.
Objective 2: To quantify aspects of the relationships between hydrological inputs to a floodplain and plant response measured in terms of water consumption, growth and the diversity of regeneration strategies.
Objective 3: To investigate the flow resistance associated with woody riparian vegetation using field studies and mathematical modelling.
Objective 4: To investigate and compare the effectiveness of selected institutional arrangements for restoring floodplain environments at different spatial scales and in different national/local settings.
Expected impacts
It is expected that the research will contribute to the development of water management practices that are sensitive to the ecological needs of riparian ecosystems. This will be assisted by the production of a manual of best practice based on natural science information. Some of this information will be generated within the project. In addition, the project will assess the institutional capacity to resolve problems of environmental degradation (particularly in floodplain environments), while respecting the diverse demands on water use, in the context of the Water Framework Directive.

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