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Contaminated soil - assessment and remediation technologies to protect the groundwater


Taking part in research in our inter-related group with twelve years of experience will offer an extremely fruitful knowledge transfer. The cleaning of contaminated soil is a really interdisciplinary task for chemists, biologists and engineers. Our DFG research centre is the only one with this topic in Germany , where the cleaning of contaminated soil was an demanding task in the past ten years and is further on. The received results and know how will be very useful for our fellows from other European countries now focussing their interest on soil and groundwater quality . Getting familiar with the following specialities of our group, which are unique at least in this combo- nation in Europe, is the most important benefit and impact of the research training: Fast on-site analysis by GC/MS, XRFA or heavy metals speciation with synchrotron radiation: XAFS, ecotoxicological evaluation by bioassays, bound residues and degradation analysis, and the complete- ness of chemical and especially microbiological treatment with extreme thermophilic microorganisms.

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