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Centre of complex environmental monitoring and environmental risk assessment


The objective of the proposal is to create CEMERA, a leader in Central Europe in the area of complex environmental protection and closely tied to the quality of life of the individual. The activity of the Centre will be based on interdisciplinary research groups composed of scientists from both EU and NAS countries. The activity of the Centre will be closely linked with ERA through networking, scientific exchange, and twinning. Reaching the goals of Cemera will allow in the future: improved preparation of new landfills and better management of existing ones; creation a basis for the rational taking of decisions that, will be compatible with social expectations regarding protection of the environment as a result of the educational and information drives; increased social acceptation for the use of recycled materials, horticulture and forestry; increased social trust. In scientific authorities in the fields of environmental protection.

Call for proposal

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Miecznikowa 1
02 096 Warszawa