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Content archived on 2024-05-21

Carbon balance estimates and resource management support with data from project networks implemented art european continental scale


Problems to be solved
CARBODATA is a project designed to exploit and to make widely available the results of the EU funded research projects such as EUROFLUX, MEDEFLU and CANIF concerning carbon fluxes and carbon stocks of European forests. The EUROFLUX and MEDEFLU Programmes have established 25 sites in Europe with continuous monitoring of carbon, water, and energy exchanges in forests. Methods used have been standardised and quality controlled in terms of data acquisition and the suite of important variables measured. An additional suite of data on nitrogen and carbon processes, especially considering the links between soils and vegetation processes, has been assembled by the project CANIF and will be available through CARBODATA. Additionally, it will assemble a CO2 database at European continental scale and with inverse modelling produce continental scale maps of CO2 exchange between the vegetated surface and the atmosphere.
Scientific objectives and approach
CARBODATA specific objectives are:
i) to create an on-line data centre where it is possible to retrieve information related to the carbon cycle for a wide range of ecosystems and locations;
(ii) to provide on-line estimates of day by day changes in the carbon sink and source strengths at various sites where highly integrated ecosystem studies are ongoing;
(iii) to distribute on-line data for validation of remote sensing products;
(iv) to provide summaries (products and tools) in the form of models on-line that may be applied in carbon balance analyses;
(v) to support development of up-scaling efforts by synthesising results from carbon balance studies, and thereby to build an interface between remote sensing products and the community examining ways to influence the carbon cycle;
(vi) to provide European maps of fluxes optimised against atmospheric CO2 concentration measurements, and
(vii) to provide model-based carbon sink estimates in response to requests of stake-holders or EU member states.
Expected impacts
This project forms part of the CARBOEUROPE cluster which will provide a focus for policy-relevant terrestrial carbon research in the Fifth Framework Programme. A significant input to negotiations on the implementation of the relevant provisions of the Kyoto Protocol is expected, and mechanisms for engaging with policy makers at EU and Member State level have been established.

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