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Content archived on 2024-05-15

Procedures for accounting and baselines for projects under joint implementation and the clean development mechanism (PROBASE)


The Kyoto Protocol sets legally binding emission targets for GHGs which apply to industrialised countries. To reach the targets, countries may a.o. use JI and CDM to acquiring emission rights through investment in projects abroad. The political process of designing JI and CDM will require continuous input from science and practise. A crucial issue is the calculation of GHG abatement achieved via JI or CDM. For this a baseline has to be determined of what the GHG emissions would have amounted to if the project had not taken place. The proposed project will develop operational procedures for JI and CDM which ensure environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency. These procedures provide an indispensable input for the EU negotiating position at the international climate negotiations, and contributes towards capacity building in EIT and developing countries.
D1.Terms of Reference (=exp.D1)
D2.Data set of case study projects (=exp.D2)
D3.Project case study 'contexts' in host countries (=exp.D3)
D4.Literature review of baselines, additionality, and leakage(=exp.D4)
D5.Baselines for Joint Implementation projects in EU Candidate Countries in the context of the Acquis Communautaire(=exp.D5)
D6.Interim report to European Commission (=exp.D6,18)
D7.Standardising baselines for the power and heat sector (=exp.D7-10)
D8.Standardising baseline for forestry projects (=exp.D11)
D9.Manuals for forestry project design (=exp.D12)
D10.Accounting and uncertainty assessment (extra)
D11.Simplified baselines for sectors in developing countries(=exp.D15)
D12.Institutional implications for baseline and accounting approaches(=exp.D16)
D13.Final report + interim draft reports(=exp.D13,14,17,23)
D14.Policy recommendations(=exp.D19)
D16.Evaluation packages(=exp.D21)D17.Additionality assessment(extra)
D18.Journal articles (=exp.D20).

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