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Ecological modelling in biodiversity and ecological vulnerability


The host research group is composed of 22 modellers with many international co-operations. Thus the fellows will become acquainted with different modem and important branches of ecological modelling, and with a variety of ecological problems which can be modelled. They will learn a structured approach to constructing models which are tailored to the specific problem of interest and available information . This approach to problem solving will enable the fellows to identify a modelling approach that is appropriate for their own doctoral work. Fellows with a PhD theme in ecological modelling will learn both new techniques of ecological modelling (rule-based, individual-based, grid-based spatially explicit, stochastic, GIS-related), and methodologies for connecting their work to general ecological concepts and theories. Fellows who are primarily field ecologists will become familiar with evaluating the published modelling literature, to co-operate with other modellers and to construct small models of their own. Fellows will gain an appreciation of the potential applications of modelling to the own work, and how rule-based modelling can be applied to economic and sociological

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